Sunday, May 31, 2009

play + live a little ...

made this piece for a lil dude who turned 3 recently. as i only just (finally!) met him and his parents over lunch today, i can now (also finally) put up the photos of the painting. i do hope the painting goes well up against some wall in his room or playroom or play corner at home.

personalized with his initials, i had them initials flanked by two 'friendly reminders' for us all. amidst all the crazy chaos our days may bring us, every so often we ought to remind ourselves to play and live a little bit more. a bit of play makes for a longer and happier life, i'd like to think. :-)


Nadia said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful painting! :) Like I've mentioned kat the blog, now I need to find a corner and letak shelf to put these awesome paintings. And yup I agree, we should play and live a little bit more. Thanks for the reminder!

mrika said...

you're most welcome. had always wanted to make something for you/Irfan. and these, as his b'day gift just seemed apt. the 'reminder', as i was painting, i kept reminding MYSELF to play a bit more too! ;-)
k, now go get that picture shelf frm Ikea ... hehe.