Saturday, May 2, 2009

party : LADYBUGS (part 1)

my little ladybug client (well, her mum really) has picked the "something whimsical - fairy flights" palette as the party's theme colours. am currently busy working on the party favours and a little 'something special' for the birthday girl herself.

the party's end of this month. not long now to delivery date. wish me luck! :-)


zubye said...

suka tul i tgk this color..
mcam candy yang manis sgt.. rasa nak makan2!

good luck mika! i know u can do it!

ps: ada tak my client nama dia kak shully call u? pg tadi i bg ur no. kat dia..

mrika said...

Zubye : hi dear ... thanks for the vote of confidence. ;-) be sure to check the blog again by end of the month when i'd have hopefully completed the orders and have them pretty enough to debut in this blog. :-)
and nope, no call from a Kak Shully yet.