Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tea at Big Lime Street

Another late entry this is.

For short of new projects up on my end here (shame on me for lack of productivity!), I figured I'll post photos of these cards I made a while back for a tea get-together I hosted for a small group of friends.

Stuck to shades of brown and green, and specifically lime, simply coz it tied in with our address (or rather how the hubs has 'labelled' our street) - Big Lime St. Seeing as it was a small crowd, I indulged in seating placecards for each guest and made them guess which card belongs to them. Instead of their names, I printed 'titles', which in my opinion reflect their respective characters/personalities.

Each brought home their respective cards and a lil pouch of chocolates.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

pyjamas in blues, reds, pinks and everything in btwn ...

we hosted a PYJAMA PARTY to celebrate Big Z's 4th birthday

the birthday banner

designed for kids (and their parents) to use for bedtime;

labels read "4 your bedtime ... thank you + goodnight from Zarif, the Daddy + the Mummy"

party packs; an extension on the party's invitation design theme

inside, were packed a toothbrush, a container of bedtime lotion, snacks and an activity book

blues for the boys, reds for the girls

individually-packed bedtime lotion for the kiddies

packets of chocolate cookies packed for guests; labels read "chocolate: indulge now, worry later"

photos of Big Z in his many sleeping positions from baby to age 3-plus strung together with selected book titles; books Big Z usually picks out as bedtime reads

plain butter mini cupcakes

adorned with party theme's number 4 mini flags

the birthday cake - specially made by Big Z's aunt, Mummy Z's sister

Friday, August 17, 2007

blues, reds and whites mark the pyjama party

It's just a lil over 24 hours before the chaos that is typical of kids' birthday parties take centrestage at Big Z's birthday party tomorrow. Leading up to the party then, here's the invitation card this year.

Monday, August 6, 2007

of pinks and blues ...

personalized 'doodle books'

packed into lil favour bags

... for the Z's early-birthday do at the school

tough being the Z - surrounded by his girl fans! :-)

of birthdays . . .

and colour-coded packages ...

and custom-packed hampers (only for the witty souls ;-))