Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tea at Big Lime Street

Another late entry this is.

For short of new projects up on my end here (shame on me for lack of productivity!), I figured I'll post photos of these cards I made a while back for a tea get-together I hosted for a small group of friends.

Stuck to shades of brown and green, and specifically lime, simply coz it tied in with our address (or rather how the hubs has 'labelled' our street) - Big Lime St. Seeing as it was a small crowd, I indulged in seating placecards for each guest and made them guess which card belongs to them. Instead of their names, I printed 'titles', which in my opinion reflect their respective characters/personalities.

Each brought home their respective cards and a lil pouch of chocolates.


zie_naz said...

Another beautiful themed party by Mummy Mrika!..

Muna said...

am honored to be one of her guests!its as if you entering into a very tres chic boutique cafe..seriously..with the lovely neutral white green interior setting and the whole dim lighting just sets the mood..voila!

miss^dbab said...

loveee the setting..

lyn said...

i still keep the cards in a frame at my study. like muna, i am sooo honored to be one of your guest. it was just so so pretty.

a perfect welcome home get together i must say.