Monday, April 30, 2007


... Z with first cousin ...


... Z obsesses over Thomas & Friends, the way I do over Orla Kiely
(difference is, he's got a much bigger collection of them trains, than I have of OK's bags) ...


... Z enjoys painting, and naturally, I welcome and encourage this interest in him ...


- i've a thing for taking my Z's photos when he's asleep ... -



... scrap layout on the origin of my son's name ...


A little piece of 'painting exercise'. Didn't make this for anyone in particular, it's just another one of those random paintings sitting in my home now. Waiting for its new owner perhaps. ;-)


A 2-part piece. 12" by 12" canvas.

Made this for a friend who bought it as a gift for her best friend who's moving to Australia.

Named this piece :: PARALLEL CHATS ::, to signify the pair's friendship - which, I'm assured span many many conversations, chats, and gossip sessions.
'Parallel' to highlight that despite them being apart in different countries, they'll still have similarities in life's preferences, simply because of their strong friendship bond. I've incorporated the stripes running throughout as 'parallel' and the random organic shapes to symbolise inverted commas; ie: conversation and chat sessions. Colours were deliberate to represent the livelihood of their friendship, plus the bustling and trendy life I'd expect her friend to be leading in her new home abroad.


Made this for another friend. This one is, as with most of my other work, a green-blue-brown theme. I guess I tend to naturally go for these colours and the motifs too. Polka-dots are me.

Am calling this :: HAVING A BALL! ::.

Why? Well...
1. obviously there are balls there... hehe
2. I was trying to capture some form of movement, hence the swirl through both canvases and making the 'balls' look like they're bouncing about
3. I had FUN painting this

So yea, 'had a ball' painting them balls I sure did! Hahah... how lame is tht?!


This was a leisurely piece. Painted this one with big happy thoughts. Don't remember why exactly, but it was one of those little-trouble kinda work. Where I painted as I went along, not much planning, except for the definite strips sectioned off. Other than that, I had no idea what the end picture would look like. It was my own little surprise, if you like. :-)

Called this :: THE LEAF SERIES :: - not the most creative of names, I know. Shame on me. But yea, think those lil brushstrokes reminded me of leaves, almost like they were dancing too (for the sake of 'more imagination'). ;-)


This was, if you like, the 'baby' of my portfolio. After a long pause of sorts, I resumed painting on a 'grander scale'. What started off as a casual chat with a dear friend on decorating our kids' rooms, led me to paint a lil something for her lil boy's room. The result was this. A 3-part series of blues and greens against a fresh white canvas.

I named this :: PEACOCK DISCS :: as the colours reminded me of beautiful peacocks and the shapes weren't all perfect circles, but curved no doubt. The first word that came to mind was 'discs'. Hence the name then. :-)