Thursday, August 28, 2008

if i could only dream for a moment ...

... i'd LOVE to buy me some Chris Kenny art.
:: Map Circle (16 Typhoons) ::

:: Red Map ::

:: Compass 2008 ::

how clever are these? extra credit should be given not just for the brilliant concept of the artwork, but so too for the meticulous effort and precision that are the pieces (of art). pure genius, i say!

i'd love to have the Compass 2008 up in Big Z's room. it, to me, sums up the whole travel theme. the icing on the cake though is how it's a take on polka-dots, which i not-so-secretly-anymore kinda have a fetish for. ;-)
if in the luckiest of luck, i ever get to own the Map Circle (16 Typhoons) piece, i'd most definitely have it in the playroom-cum-family room. aptyly titled 'typhoon', i think little is left to one's imagination. playroom equals daily typhoons! and the colours; how happy are they? love love love!
the Red Map piece is brilliant for Baby Z's room, for obvious reasons. and again, this one too shouts happiness to me.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

tickled beauty envied ...

haha ... for lack of a better title (for thiss entry)!

onto the paintings then ...

this one's called "stripteased". sounds naughty, yes? lol. it's a play of words really. amidst the otherwise calm and plain background that is the stone colour, a strip has been teased with a different colour in each of the canvas panel. the pink one's "stripteased: tickled pink", the black "stripteased: black beauty" and the green is "stripteased: green with envy".

inspired by the everyday me, if you like, this next series is aptly titled "moodswings".

the first is "moodswings: tickled pink" to reflect my chirpiest and most playful self.

then there's "moodswings: black beauty", when i'm my most reserved and supposedly sophisicated.

and the last is "moodswings: green with envy", when i'm mostly inspired by pretty, crafty art pieces; both in objects and in one's inner (and outer) beauty.