Sunday, August 12, 2012

honouring the 10th anniversary

(after such a long blog hiatus ...) here's a lil something to share :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

something light, something sweet

engagement TQ tags. the order - something lilac-purple-y and something sweet.

traditionally, in the Malay culture, the future groom does not attend the engagement function. it's very much more the future bride's affair. picking on the femininity then, i figured butterflies in a lilac + grey palette could paint an ideal theme. something light, something sweet.

for the Lil' Man

often, when the suggested theme suits your own taste, it's mostly joy working on the said order. in this case, a party for a 5 year old boy. the theme - Lil' Man. the colours - blues, greens, silver/grey.

birthday boy's mom very kindly left me to play about with my (not exactly most adventurous) own ideas, to come out with the party's printables. i designed + made the party invites, doodle pads, as well as a couple of small birthday signages.

below, the photos (some, courtesy of birthday boy's mom).

thanks much, Nadia.

oh, the places you'll see!

as if eager to explore the world, his birth came 3 weeks before his due date.
was asked to make simple square TQ tags to go with favours for the baby's kenduri aqeqah. came up with these airplane motif tags in blues + browns.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

: splish splash! :

a pool party for a one year old boy.
simplifying the beach ball + pool waves, i came up with these invites and TQ tags.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

newborns are little stars in the making

couple of prints designed as birth announcements.

they serve both as a nice lil memento for the family to treasure, as well as a simple piece of personalised artwork for the child to call his/her own.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

polyvore : playing pretty

putting aside brand names + price for a while (though i do love Anthropologie quite much; its line as well as its gorgeous stores), this ensemble of jeans with a pretty little top (and, in my case, i'd have to pair it with a cardi) sums up my current favourite colour combination. dark denim + off-white, mustard yellow + moss green. an exercise of marrying a bit of pretty with a bit of classy.

now ... if i could only just pull off this look myself so effortlessly + successfully, the little girly-girl in me would be a pretty happy one.

playing pretty

playing pretty by Mrika Hajeedar featuring a leather handbag