Monday, October 26, 2009

: painted canvas flashcards - baby Alex :

for those who know me, it's no surprise that i've a thing for names (among other things i have a 'thing' for). when i was pregnant with my first Z, that keen interest for names - their meanings and the sounds that they make - grew even more. it's a natural progression then that i try to incorporate this in the little pieces of art that i create.

my latest project was a painting i made for a friend's baby. they live all the way in the land i fondly call my 'home' *wink*. we attended the same college back in our A-Levels days, kept in touch on and off throughout our university years, attended her wedding back in her hometown in Penang, and last weekend met up again with her 3 month old bundle of joy.

i see them (my friend and her husband) as a pretty classy, yet modern young couple. they appreciate the finer things in life, yet still kept well-grounded by the daily ups and downs that surround us all. on that note, i had the colour scheme for the painting in my mind as soon as i decided to give them one of my 'canvas doodles'.

i'd love to see how the painting rests in the little corner or nursery created for their baby back in their home in that lovely faraway land of theirs.

meanwhile, here are photos i took of the painting at home ...