Wednesday, December 5, 2007

dance of the dragonflies . . .

New designs to be turned into wall art for Baby Z's corner.

They (the design motif) remind me of dragonflies for some reason. Would Baby Z be having a bugs-themed corner of a room then? Hmm...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

the 'psychedelic' one ...

:: framed art for a dude who recently turned 3 ::

:: 'psychedelic ' to reflect the true boy character that is the birthday boy - full of energy, full of character, colourful too, if you like :-) ::

:: Happy 3rd Birthday, Adam!! ::

a tale of 2 nieces . . .

:: birthday card for niece who turned 2 last week ::

:: the said-niece, Raja Alaina Leilani - equal parts funny and cute, she is! ::

:: framed art for newborn niece - born 1st December '07 ::

:: welcome to the world, Mas Kirina Dewi Pian!! ::

:: art to match her yellow-and-green room ::

:: calling this piece "Stepping Stones: Citrus" - baby's first chapters/steps in her life ::

'tis the season to be ...

crafty? creative? industrious? one can always hope, right? ;-)

Anyway, I made these Xmas party invites for Big Z's school. Just over 40 pieces.

:: part of the lot ::

Kept design very simple and somewhat plain even, with only design motif being my interpretation of Xmas tree decorative ornaments/lights.

note: date and RSVP details ommited for privacy purposes