Saturday, October 13, 2007

halfway there ...

I thought I'd leave this blog exclusively to my 'patterned projects'. But, this morning, I just thought, why not ... let's throw in a lil bit of 'personal project update' in the blog as well. So here goes ... (if it gets too boring, lengthy, not-quite-patterned-enough, or all of the above, you might as well skip this entry).

So. I'm now halfway-through the 40-weeks journey. That's right. As of tomorrow, I enter my 6th month of pregnancy with baby number 2. Has to be said, this pregnancy has definitely been more challenging, both physically and emotionally, as compared to the first pregnancy. I tire more easily this time round, have a much bigger rear (much to my utter dislike!), have an almost addictive craving for all food spiced and/or heavily-drown in herbs, and dissing chocolates (this has GOT to be the biggest shock in terms of my appetite ... saying 'no' to chocs? hmmm... it's just unheard of if you're Mrika! haha).

On a lighter note, I'm terribly anxious and equally excited to welcome a second baby into our lives. The gap's quite big by what-seems-to-be-the-current-trend. Big brother's just turned 4 in August, and so in terms of years apart, he and lil one will be 5 years apart when baby arrives in late Feb/early March next year. For all the right reasons, I'd say the said-gap is pretty good.

I'm counting the weeks now to when I'm 'allowed' to start buying things for the baby. I've my eye on some rather pretty lil items to adorn baby with, but as the hubs has reminded me, it's still a bit early to start shopping for them things. And yes, he IS right. So, I've instead busied myself with some lil projects on my end. Just to distract me a bit, and well, to start a lil collection of things for baby. 'Home-made with much love from mother to child'. Hehe... if there was a tagline to go with these lil projects, that could well be it. :-)

Am actually running late now. Raya duties - read: open houses to fill our ever-ready-willing-to-swallow-them-food-spread tummies. So, I'll leave you all for now, and will continue this entry with photos of some completed projects.