Thursday, March 4, 2010

: a TWOty FRUITtea party for our little gift :

this little girl turned TWO last week.

this little girl has filled our home with plenty of laughter + chaos all the same. this little girl is like no other (honestly, you'll need to spend at least a whole morning or an afternoon with her at home to know this). this little girl, in many ways is very much her own unique self ... just like her insisting on wearing the pink tank over her stripey dress in the above photo, nevermind that it was a crazy hot day.


we hosted a small birthday party for her last weekend.

the theme was 'TWOty FRUITtea', honouring her age and her love for all Vitagen (fruit) flavours, plus her liking every new fruit introduced to her thus far.

below, some photos of the party and pre-party (the mad last-minute preparation done by yours truly).

: the theme palette :

: personalized placemats :

: little handbags for the girls :

: little cups for the boys :

: the non-hanging 'birthday garland' :

: the little fruit stall - guests were invited to mix their own bags of fruits as part of party favours :

: the birthday 'cake' - fruit loops cereal bars :

: fun pinwheels in fruity hues :

: our lil diva! :

: thank you for all your birthday wishes + gifts :

: painted 'flashcards' - baby Harez :

another little painting for another little guy.

this time, a friend bought this for her new nephew. i do hope they like the piece.