Thursday, June 12, 2008

sophisticated + whimsical

For every piece of printed project I work on, I always start of by thinking up and deciding on the colour(s) that I'll use in the design. While others have prettily-layered inspiration boards gracing their shelves or desk in their workspace, I choose the easier (read: less resourceful ;-)) option. I create a simple barcode of coloured stripes and play around with some few combinations until I find the one I'm most happy with for the current project in hand.


This is the current project I'm working on and this below, are the colours I'll be using throughout the design process of the project. While this time last year I was busying myself designing things for Big Z's pyjama party (4th birthday), this time round, it's someone else's birthday party I'm planning and designing for. More on the party details nearing the date. Meanwhile, here's a sneak-peek of it through these colours then.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 colours #1 : for the men in our lives

3 colours. Every Wednesday (since to some, Wednesday is the 3rd day in any given week), I will post a combination of 3 colours from which design ideas can evolve. It may be design ideas for party themes (if you know me well enough, you'd know that's something I absolutely love doing - thinking up party themes), for a home's interior space and look, for one's dressing style or simply as a simple piece of art - as it is - 3 colours on a piece of card or canvas. In any case, I hope to inspire some of you along the way and if nothing else, it keeps my mind (the creative part) more active, whilst building up a record and portfolio of these various design ideas.

By 3 colours, I'll be suggesting 3 colours in addition to WHITE, just because I always feel white ties in the other colours well. :-)

Here's the 1st of these 3 colours then to inspire you this week (and further, if you so let it be ;-)).
In honour of Father's Day being just around the corner, PLUS it also 'just happens' to be The Husband's birthday this coming Monday ;-) , I'm posting a more 'masculine' set of 3 colours here.

Colours : teal, olive, chocolate, white

Ideal for :

1. Father's Day - think gardening kit, gifts for golfers, or good 'ol dependable shirts/t-shirts

2. golf themed (birthday) party - keeping it pretty sophisticated and refined, fit for a quiet-ish type of golfer

3. football themed (birthday) party - think roughing it out in your garden or keeping it loud indoors watching a live game; either way, i see peanuts and hotdogs being served at the party :-)

4. dinner party with a 'gentlemen's club' theme - perfect for a bachelor's/stag night party, a modern twist to old-fashioned gentlemen's club

Do write in (via the comments section or even an email) and share with me your thoughts on these, and especially so if you so decide to use the suggested 3 colours in your coming events and/or revamping of your homes. Would LOVE to see how far my 3 colours can stretch each time. Till then, happy creating and happy sharing! :-)