Monday, August 11, 2008

tickled beauty envied ...

haha ... for lack of a better title (for thiss entry)!

onto the paintings then ...

this one's called "stripteased". sounds naughty, yes? lol. it's a play of words really. amidst the otherwise calm and plain background that is the stone colour, a strip has been teased with a different colour in each of the canvas panel. the pink one's "stripteased: tickled pink", the black "stripteased: black beauty" and the green is "stripteased: green with envy".

inspired by the everyday me, if you like, this next series is aptly titled "moodswings".

the first is "moodswings: tickled pink" to reflect my chirpiest and most playful self.

then there's "moodswings: black beauty", when i'm my most reserved and supposedly sophisicated.

and the last is "moodswings: green with envy", when i'm mostly inspired by pretty, crafty art pieces; both in objects and in one's inner (and outer) beauty.


beautifulLIFE said...

hi,i'm sha.. just bumped into ur blog..nice work!

mrika said...

hi sha ... thanks for dropping by my blog. :-) how did you get to the blog anyway?

rene said...

hi mrika!
followed the link to your website from zie-naz's fotopage. think we've met before- i'm friends with emma (razif).
anyway, nice work you've got here! :) any of it for sale? Airin

mrika said...

hi Airin (Rene?) ... thanks for stoppin by. you're friends with Emma + Razif? err ... refresh my memory a bit - when/where did we meet last? hehe.
nway, yes. my work's up for sale. i take custom orders too forstationery items - cards, party favours, gifts (pls see my framed artwork pieces). drop me an email if you're interested in any.
look fwd to hearing from you again soon! :-)