Tuesday, November 20, 2007

one(sie) at a time ...

Restless, impatient, itchy-fingers me decided to start stocking up on baby things. All the while, still being the good wife, I'd say. ;-) Mr Husband said not to start buying things for baby. Not just yet he says. But what did the wifey do yesterday?? Bought some pretty cheap baby onesies. Plain white ones. And then some basic items to add to my newly-opened sewing kit. (anyone who REALLY knows me will know that I sew even worse than I cook ... and I'm nowhere near a great cook!) Pregnancy does funny things to you, I think. Opens up different sides of you, makes you interested and curious about things you wouldn't look twice at before. In this case, it's sewing. What AM I thinking really?

So. Below are photos on what 'flourished' from those plain white onesies. I sat myself down and in three hours (yea, i know! 3 hours just for that teeny bit of work? haha) completed them designs. I just wanted to have some personalized touch to my baby's clothes. Result ain't great, but I have to say, it's such a refreshing change of work. I'm usually drowning myself in papers printing this and that, but yesterday it was just soft fabric and colourful threads. I could just get used to this new interest of mine. Hmmm... we'll see.

:: the BARCODE onesies ::

OK. Now quickly go look at something else. Something less shabby than my sewing. *LOL*

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