Saturday, November 24, 2007

his bedtime reminders ...

... from the Mummy.

Got these framed yesterday. They now stand neatly in a row on his bed. I plan to hang them up on the wall though, but was petrified to make holes in the wall. Hehe ... Settled for the next best thing then - lined them up on this picture shelf thingy. For now, that'll be home for these frames. The story part of the actual "bedtime routine' story rests behind each of the four frames shown below.

:: before sleep, toothbrush, storytime, goodnight & i love you ::


Marisse said...

Heya Mrika..

Am moving into new house and have no idea what to do with Marisse's room.

Would you have wallpapers/ideas for little one's room? i love all the patterns you've made.. you should buka kedai-la.. lawan the Emma K shop in BV tu.

emly2175 said...

u ni mcm martha stewart cutela the sewing u did for your baby.. but can't see the pattern small in the pics dear.. maybe u can snap it closer pls..