Monday, November 19, 2007

good things come in small packages...

Do you sometimes find yourself all ready to leave the house to some party, with gift in one hand, and then at the very last minute realise you forgot to include a card to the said-gift? Be it a birthday gift, a welcome-new-baby gift, mom's day, dad's day gift or any of the sort. Well, let's just say, it's happened to me on more than a couple occasions.

Often, it's the tiniest of detail you overlook and yet, in many instances it may well be the most meaningful and personal touch to your gift. After all, attaching a note and/or card to a gift, with your bits of words on it leaves your mark on the gift, yes?

So. I decided to make some very simple and teeny-weeny cards for this purpose. To not just adorn and complete the look of any one gift, present or parcel, but to give others a chance to read my best wishes to them and if they so wish to, to hang on to the piece of card. It's really small and so will not take up much space in their 'cards drawer' or 'cards box' or 'cards basket'. You get the picture ... ;-)

Here, some shots of them small gift tags and cards.

:: part of the gift tags range ::

:: part of the cards range ::

:: all packed in mini drawstring pouches ::

If interested to purchase some of these cards (am currently making more varied designs), feel free to drop me a line or two to enquire. :-)

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