Monday, June 21, 2010

"so typically Izmet"

the Zs' Daddy turned 32 recently.

it was a low-key birthday celebration of sorts. dinner with the immediate family at his favourite place. i came up with the idea of having a "typically him" sort of birthday. no frills, just food + family. things + people he's familiar with. he's not the most adventurous of souls, so anything that's been tried and tested (by him) like a million times sits happily at the top of the list of his favourite things.

with this in mind, i decided to make cupcake toppers with his most typical phrases. the colour palette serves three ways - it matches the interior of the restaurant we were to dine in, it's a reflection of his love for coffee + chocolate, and it's my interpretation of autumn colours (we met + started dating back in autumn '99).

below, photos of the "so typically Izmet" cupcake toppers then.


leeyen said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby! Oh I like your art work so much! Btw! Where u got these cupcakes? I found bisou's n cupcake chic's are quite pricy! Any recommendation?

mrika said...

thanks leeyen. :-)
these cuppies WERE from Bisou. pricey, but i love them. and convenient - close to home. so, suits me fine. ;-)