Tuesday, May 11, 2010

: mrixiepixie meets + greets @ Buzz-Ar :

couple weeks back, i set up a little stall at a local bazaar, the Buzz-Ar @ Jeumpa D'Ramo, Bangsar. my first mini adventure of sorts - from building the portfolio, to setting up the stall, to meeting kind stopper-bys and buyers. after the event, i had a bigger adventure still - tidying up and keeping things back neatly at home.

below, photos from the day's event.
the subsequent posts, photos of my art pieces.

: the stall :

: successfully dragged the husband along :

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leeyen said...

Saw this on ur FB, must hv been a successful event! Congrats on that! Btw, I hv sent u my enquiry to ur gmail! Hope to hear frm u soon!