Sunday, March 8, 2009

personalized 5th

i can't believe i never got to posting photos of the favours i put together for Big Z's 5th birthday back in August last year! only moments ago when i was about to post Baby Z's birthday photos was i reminded of this one missing entry.

a very much back-dated entry this one is then ...


there was no birthday party in the grand scale of his previous parties. for his 5th birthday, we decided to celebrate it in Hong Kong Disneyland instead. so, at exactly 1:36pm (5 years to the time and date of his birth), he was with us having our lunch at Hong Kong Disneyland.

prior to his birthday though, there was a little celebration among his classmates. and then another small celebration with the immediate family members. for both occasions, i managed to put together some very simple favours. below are the photos of them (favours).

:: celebrating his 5th with his classmates ::

:: favour boxes with personalized tags ::
:: for the girls ::

:: for the boys ::

:: personalized (by first initial) favour bags for Z's cousins ::


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

salam dear,
get to know ur blog from fb =)
is that your boy? which school (kindie) is he attending...the school uses montessori system aight?

mrika said...

Hi ... Yup, tht'll be my 'lil man. He's a graduate of The Children's House, a Montessori. There's a branch in TTDI - I see ure there, yes? Do visit the school, and do pop by here again soon. :-)