Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Z's BIRD-day party!

for some reason unexplained, i was drawn to birds during my pregnancy with Baby Z. not birds in the life form though, but rather, the design motif. i made some origami cranes and turned them into a simple wall-hanging thing for her corner in our room. and i even persuaded the husband to get her a stroller with bird motif. so by the time she was about 6 months, there was no other theme in mind. it just had to be a birds theme for her FIRST birthday party.

below, photos of few of the things i made for her first BIRD-day party ...

:: the invitation ::
:: the opened guest book ... ::

:: which really were 3 sheets of scrapbooking layouts mounted onto canvas boards ... ::

:: detailing her growth over the 12 months ::

:: the party packs in pink + brown ::

:: detail of the bird motif ::

:: browns for the boys; cookies + paper bird plane + handmade BIRDS memory card game ::

:: pinks for the girls; cookies + birds fan + handmade BIRDS memory card game ::

:: balloons in theme colours ::

:: store-bought bird softies + homemade-handmade BIRDS gift tags as prizes for Quiz game ::

:: 'pass the parcel' prizes; all BIRD related + Quiz prizes ::

:: the party's centrepiece with the wall art i made back when she was still in my tummy! ::

:: homemade-handmade origami cranes adorned cream + pink butter cupcakes ::

:: part of the completed 'guest book' ::

:: Baby Z kissed by Big Z = love! ::

photo credit goes out to the talented Nadia Fauzi.


french toast friday said...

Happy 1st Baby Zayaan! I knew it was going to a pretty party. And pink and brown is beautiful!

mrika said...

thanks ms french toast! ;-)

* haven't 'seen' you around here for a while ... *

J+S said...

I love this party. Do you mind if I post the cupcakes + cranes on my blog and link back to you? Beautiful!

mrika said...

J+S : hey there ... thanks! and yes, be my guest. post and link away. :-)