Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Zarif's firsts

Z's school is having a birthday do for him next week. School's asked me to provide them with some notes on his progress over the years. 'Key' milestones, if you like. Decided to scrap on some firsts in his life to date.

(he was just over a year old in the photo - sometime after Aug ' 04)


Nadia said...

Hehe. This is so cute! You should "covert" to digital lah babe. It's easier and waaaaayyy faster. LOL!

Can't wait to meet you guys! ;)

Mommy at Home said...

I like reading stuff like this, Mrix! I was given a Baby Record Book by my SIL when Baby was born and whenever I remember I fill it in but most of the time, the milestone has passed so I main "ingat2" je. Hehehe.

Oh yes, why is it most babies' first word is "nak"? Grrr...now everyday is a battle of "nak!nak!nak!" with my daughter.

Remind me to teach my next daughter/son to learn "tak nak" first.