Sunday, July 29, 2007

the surprise birthday brunch

A late entry this is.

Had a small surprise birthday brunch at the house for the hubs.
But small as it was, I just had to make a lil invitation (even if it was only circulated through email). :-)

The lil 'voucher' made for birthday dude.

And a mini detail on the paperbag containing his other gifts from me.

And yes... design may look familiar as they currently frame my blog. And yes too... teal, choc brown and olive greens are my signature colours. As much as I try to 'run away' from them, they just keep calling out to me. :-)


Aidan's Mommy said...

Happy birthday Mr.Mrika!! hehehe
i have to say this, u are very creative and talented.. wish i have half of your talent.. May be i should be sylar -hero.Hehehe..

mrika said...

Hehehe.... Dotty! You so kelakar la...

But, many thanks for your lovely kind words. :-)

Mommy at Home said...

Happy birthday Izmet! He's (and Z and baby in tummy too) soo lucky to have a very talented wifey/mommy to throw nice surprise parties.

Kalau harap I, I'd probably order McD's home delivery je...and err, with the party pack sekali. Heheh!