Monday, June 18, 2007

when lovers meet

Worked on these - wedding reception table placecards (with a twist) - over the weekend.
Design is, if you look closely...

two doves (people) who've found each other against the 'backdrop' of the million other doves (people) in one's environment/space/community/land/world to become each other's life partner.

How's that for a soppy, lovey-dovey take on the design? ;-)

That'll be the story for these cards then. :-)

Thanks Alin for the job. :-)


Delia said...

Good Job MRix! =)

Aidan's Mommy said...

Def lovely cards....Miss u at the party

miss^dbab said...

hey MIKA! the ideas : )

mrika said...

TQ all for the kind words. :-)

Mommy at Home said...

mrixx...I love the new header! I'm loving yellow ochre too at the moment.:)
p/s : when's our next lavendar tea session?