Sunday, June 10, 2007


Another one of them paintings. A farewell gift for a friend.


Nadia said...

Love the soft pastel colours. :)

Watie said...

Hello there,

Hi i'm watie here (sofea& soraya) hope u still remember me ya...nak tanya mrix mcm mana nak order ur cards ya...beautiful la..any min order tak...pls let me know ya..

Thank you dear n luv u work...btw u jual paintings ya...ada lg semua i nak ya!

Delia said...

My Gift!!! Proud owner of 'The Dizzies'!!! *wink* thanx Mrix! love them!

emly2175 said...

Just found out this blog of yours Mrik! Lovely pieces of art! I wish i'm that talented as u dear.. mine is tangan keras..hehehe!

p/s: how did u find my site? curious 2 know as i didn't tell anyone about it until recently

Natasha said...

ha....i kinda like the one in the tv room on your study table. yang merah merah tu..(*hint hint*. am 8 days older than you)....hehehehe