Monday, May 28, 2007

Z's 4th birthday party - pre-party part 1

A sneak-peak of the birthday theme I'm doing for Z's birthday this year.

Think blues, think traditional theme with a modern twist. ;-)

More on this as I get closer to the party date (which will be in August).


Mommy at Home said... this is the theme ya? Very nice! Me likey!:) I shall try and find a matching wrapper for Z's gift then. Errr...wait..mcm assume pulak I'm invited. Hehehe...

Muna said...

yayy!!!the geo patterns can never go wrong!!!i like!!!! me pulak dah get ready for what to wear for my boys and of coz pour moi,myself!!! always a fan of your themed party..such an enthusiast to your party too assume i'm invited dah...haha..can't wait!!!


hie mrika! i'm returning a visit. i must say... you are one creative and talented lady! can't wait to see what else you've planned for your lil boy's b'day party.