Sunday, May 6, 2007

a blue affair

Made this last year for a joint buka puasa-cum-birthday dinner for a friend's (Ms M) husband and son. Yup, father and son share the same birthday - pretty cool, ey?

Anyway... Ms M then attached these cards to little chocolate-filled glass jars made famous by IKEA.

- special thanks to Ms M for her constant support and encouragement on my humble work :-) -

1 comment:

Muna said...

bravo mrix!!!!
i love this blog of yours..
so u!!so me too(the same likings all)!! well done mrix!!
keep it up those creative works coming and wonderful ideas too...i so love the prints, the patterns, the colors...aaaahh...i likeee!!!

yes, of coz i'm one of your biggest art fan!!!hehehe:)
so well done u!!