Tuesday, February 16, 2010

: celebrating with fairies :

worked on these invites for a girl turning three.

birthday girl's mom has great party ideas herself, i can only imagine a fun-filled pretty party to be had by their guests this coming weekend.

happy 3rd, hanna!

**two days before the party, birthday girl's mommy ordered some thank you tags.
made just over 50 of these lil fairies ...


izreen - fluff and stuff - said...
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izreen - fluff and stuff - said...

very nice dear. love the fairy dust ;) i shared the pic on my blog ---> http://izreen.blogspot.com/2010/02/of-fairies-and-parties.html
hehe you've been featured by fluff & stuff LOL

Shawl We Wrap said...

beautiful fairies!
well done mrixie!
looking at this fairies mcm nak girl pulak..hehe;)